IFRA XMA Cross Media Awards 2009
   Company: Jang Group of Newspapers
   Project name: The News YOUTHBOOTH
  General information about the publication
   The News is one of Pakistan’s highest read English newspapers. Published from the three main metropolitan cities (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad), it has a daily circulation of 140,000 copies with leadership position in central and northern Pakistan.
While it remains the third largest print media brand in the country in terms of advertising revenue, it continues to look for innovative ways to cater a much younger audience than all its competitors. With its reporting content, formatting and variety of products The News remains the favorite of a younger readership. Consequently, The News has always been considered as the ‘first mover’ in the media industry with all others newspapers following suite sooner or later.
  Entry description
   The News YouthBooth is an in-paper magazine which is the latest addition to the portfolio of The News. It is a research based magazine encompassing the likes, dislikes and habits of the youth of urban Pakistan. From what they do to what they like or dislike is all covered in the magazine in an interesting format where the readers could also see a reference to what the majority of young individuals around them do and how they behave in certain situations. Research was done by The News in the urban Pakistan on the habits of high school / college/ university going students aged between 15 - 25 years. The objective of the exercise was to see life from the eyes and minds of a youngster and then present the results to the general youth in an interesting format. The articles were interestingly written not by journalists but by the university/college students themselves interpreting the results of the research. The News YouthBooth, therefore was an amalgamation of data results of a research done on youth, articles written by them and various segments added to make interesting read for young individuals with usage of language that they could easily relate to. This magazine was truly a project of the youth, by the youth and for the youth.
  The basic idea of your cross-media design
   The basic idea of the cross- media design
The project was mainly driven by the print team and was printed and circulated nationwide with The News. Various other media channels were added in to make the information as accessible and available to the young readers as possible. The different media channels, however converged traffic to the print and the online e-version of YouthBooth.
The purpose of introducing this magazine was two fold: One, to provide value addition to the already large base of young readers of The News (32% of The News readers come from the age bracket of 15 to 30 years). Here is a magazine that is all about them. Secondly, we wanted to provide our advertisers with a specialized solution to target the largest and the most important target market of our population. This was conceived keeping in mind that nearly 60% of the advertising & marketing campaigns in Pakistan target youth directly or indirectly and 70% of Pakistan population is under 30 years of age.
Since this magazine was targeting the youth of Pakistan as readers, it is mainly to retain existing large base of young The News readers through value addition in content. Those young urban Pakistanis who do not read The News were targeted through other media diverting them to The News. Hence, the objective was multiple.
  Used media channels
   Newspaper    TV
   Merchandising    Mobile Services
   Online    Radio
  The implementation
   The first edition of The News YouthBooth was printed and circulated on the 4th of April 2009 alongwith its e version. This was followed by synergetic presence of YouthBooth in different media owned by the group.
The News Advertising & Sales team is the main driver of the project from conceiving the idea to creating synergies between different media to promote YouthBooth as a brand.
An e-version of The News YouthBooth was uploaded on the web for continual access to the reading material and client advertising messages.
A ‘DID YOU KNOW?’ segment called “YouthBooth facts” was launched on AAG TV (the popular youth channel owned by the Group). This segment contained interesting extracts from the YouthBooth survey as well diverting traffic to the print and online version of YouthBooth. The ‘YouthBooth facts’ segment was also created and broadcast on FM-101, the Group’s Radio property with the same objective.
A “YouthBooth weirdo t-shirt contest” was launched with the print as well as the e version asking readers to give their feedback through mobile about YouthBooth and 200 from the individuals who wrote to us were gifted the ‘YouthBooth t-shirt’. Students from the age between of 15 - 20 years, briefly describe the weirdest thing that you have done in your life and write one thing that you like the most about this YOUTHBOOTH edition and enter into the YOUTHBOOTH weirdo t-shirt contest. 200 top weirdos received a YOUTHBOOTH weirdo t-shirt and their names announced in The News.
The main impetus lies with the print edition of the YOUTHBOOTH however the synergetic push of all other media channels used remain consistent in terms of their value addition to the brand. The objective was to converge all media channels available to strengthen the print /e-version publications which required consistency across all channels.
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  Results of the design & branding implementation
   YouthBooth has had an overwhelming response and has been welcomed as the new addition to the newspaper both from the advertisers as well as its readers.
The advertisers feel that it is arguably the first ever print medium that they have in Pakistan through which they could specifically target the youth and that too not only through a presence in the print and web but an extended mileage through other media channels which divert eyes balls to their advertising messages.
The youth through emails have given a most satisfying feedback about YouthBooth. Having gotten over 7,300 feedback emails till date the large majority of the YouthBooth readers praise the magazine and tag it as their favorite new in-paper magazine. Some of the emails tell us that these young individuals have actually gotten hold of the magazine copy from a friend who is a The News subscriber indicating that the project is expected to add readership to The News itself. The quantifiable impact has already been seen through increase in newspaper subscriptions and is expected to multiply with subsequent YouthBooth activities.
The News YouthBooth will now be kept alive through e-version and blog till the next edition due in September 2009 through various youth BTL activities like concerts under its umbrella.
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