Digital Media Asia 2010

Asia's largest conference on new media

24-26 November 2010
Singapore, Singapore
Language(s): English

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This conference aims to explore how cutting edge organisations are currently using the most advanced Digital Media platforms for profitably multipurpose contents from newspapers, magazines, broadcasters or books.

It aims to give attendees key insights for developing their knowledge of today’s media industry challenges and opportunities and equip them with the necessary skills for creating new businesses in the Digital Media field.

Digital Media Asia 2010 has been sold out several days before the official registration closing. It gathered over 260 media professionals from 22 countries.

All presentations are available for registered participants only

Digital Media Asia 2011 will take place in Hong Kong from 29 November to 2 December 2011.

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Fees / Prix / Preise

For members:
EUR 300 for any one day
EUR 550 for any two days and
EUR 750 for all three days

For non-members:
EUR 375 for any one day
EUR 700 for any two days and
EUR 975 for all three days

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