Business Models for Newspaper Publishers

The conference for entrepreneurial spirit

23 - 24 October 2006
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Language(s): English; German

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In numerous presentations from the industry, you will learn:

  • How newspaper publishers estimate future changes in the industry.

  • Where your colleagues see future main sources of income.

  • How they are aligning their business strategies accordingly.

  • How this is reflected in their corporate structure.

  • Monday, 23 October 2006

    10.00 h - Registration, with coffee and tea

    10.30 h - Introduction to the conference topic by the moderator

    10.45 h - Keynote: Scenarios of future media behaviour
  • Social values and attitudes

  • Leisure time behaviour in society

  • Future lifestyles in work and leisure time

  • 11.30 h - Coffee break

    Newspaper publishers between today and tomorrow

    11.45 h - Status quo and trends in newspaper publishing houses worldwide
    Results of the first WhereNEWS? Report
  • What is the status quo at newspaper publishing houses?

  • How do publishers see development possibilities for the future?

  • 12.30 h - Keeping an eye on structural change in the industry
  • Greater market-orientation and more intensive market canvassing by increasing innovation

  • Reader marketing and attracting new target audiences

  • Short decision-making processes and more flexibility

  • Services as a growth area

  • 13.00 h - Lunch and possibility for networking

    The strategic way into the future

    14.30 h - With strategy into the future

    15.15 h - The opportunities of media communities
  • Media Communities - from target groups to communities

  • Joining the reader's interests and the communication aims of companies

  • Developing new businesses via Media Communities

  • 16.00 h - Coffee break

    Attracting new audiences

    16.30 h - New businesses and new readers
  • New revenue streams via internationalisation

  • 17.15 h - Importance of diversification for newspaper publishers
  • Attracting new audiences in print and online

  • Why reporting the "news" is not enough

  • New business models for a new generation

  • From 18.00 h - Get-together with snack buffet

    Tuesday, 24 October 2006

    Benefit from flexibility

    9.30 h - Reflections on "core competence"
  • Where are newspapers actually positioned?

  • What is the future of newspapers?

  • 10.15 h - Flexibility as a precondition for innovation
  • Organisational framework as basis for innnovation

  • Benefit from the matrix organisation

  • 11.00 h - Coffee break

    Leadership and change management

    11.30 h - Leadership and change management
    Observations on the interconnections between management structures, innovation and performance

    12.15 h - Handing-over corporate control and leadership
  • Managing the transition from a traditional newspaper publishing house into the modern times

  • Remaining true to the brand and the family tradition

  • Using the opportunities of creative restlessness

  • Changing businesses demand changing activities

  • 13.00 h - Lunch and possiblity for networking

    New investment models

    14.30 h - Ringier 2010 - Thoughts on the development of the media landscape
  • The next customer generation will confront the media industry with new challenges

  • First conclusions after the start of a world premiere

  • CashDaily, the information platform for people interested in business

  • 15.15 h - The multimedia initiatives of Morris Communications
  • Online and offline goals of the company

  • "Product" champions in print and online offerings

  • Huge success in revenue growth

  • Need to evolve with the times

  • 15.45 h - Summary of the day and outlook

    From 16.15 h - Concluding coffee break

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