Downloading the profiles  
  To download the files, please proceed as follows:

Click on the link with the right mouse button and select "Save link as . . ." (Netscape) or
"Save target as . . ." (Explorer) from the menu. The file will download automatically.

Click on the link and hold down the mouse button, select "Save link as . . ." (Netscape) or
"Save target as . . ." (Explorer). The file will download automatically.

If the downloaded file lacks the correct name (it should be called "") and instead bears the name "s," that does not matter. Go ahead and decompress it. The decompressed file will have the correct name.

N.B. If you want to use the profiles on a Mac, you can download them only via an internet access of a Macintosh computer. If you download the files via a Windows computer, the so-called "Resource Fork" will be lost and the Mac operating system will not recognise the profile.

Another note to Mac users: We recommend you use SmartZip to decompress the downloads. Other programs, such as Stuffit Expander and ZipIt, might not preserve the resource forks.
Download DIS_ISO12647-3_2004_e.pdf (PDF, 31 kb)
Download Readme26_E.pdf (PDF, 77 kb)
Download (ZIP file, 592 kb)
Download (ZIP file, 2 kb)
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