Newspapers go video – options and opportunities (08.2008)


Paul-Dubois-Taine, Xavier; Legay, Luc

The increasing availability of broadband connections, whether at home or mobile, allow fast and simple video consumption. This makes integrating video contents an interesting prospect also for newspaper publishing houses. Very few of these have, or had until recently, experience with the moving image medium. Video contents are considered to have a high potential as regards reach and advertising revenues. Consequently, in the last months there have been many impulses to incorporate video contents, either produced outside and/or internally, into existing portfolios. This report is intended as an orientation aid and examines the various aspects of integrating video activities into newspaper publishing houses. What are the options of publishing houses for the production and distribution of moving images? What do the options mean as regards the necessary investments, especially in technology? How do I install journalistic know-how in the newsroom? And last but not least: What are the possibilities to generate income?